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Now remember people, National Coming Out Day is on its way. If you “come out” on facebook as straight and/or cis, an ally, a brony, a fucking whovian, or anything other than a marginalized sexual orientation and/or gender identity, I will ram my boot so far up your ass you’ll be tasting Vans for weeks.

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  1. Weird Japanese music plays:
  2. Me:oh it's my phone one sec
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so today my ap art history teacher was teaching us about Hapshetsut the only female pharaoh and he was like “have you seen women they can pop out a baby and be like alright let’s go” and then he walked over to this guy and aimed his fist towards his balls and the guy flinched and held his crotch so he was like “men may be stronger but women are tougher” and then he said “so when someone tells you to grow a pair, they mean ovaries”

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remember last summer when american eagle had that modelling contest where you submit your picture to get votes and if you get into the top 20 votes your picture is displayed at times square in new york

i submitted this photo of me about to sneeze


i placed 12th and i was on the times square billboard for two weeks

i hate each and every single one of you all

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Put a percent in my ask box.



0% Walking to my toilet, brb.

15% Uh.

30% You’re kinda cute, I guess.

45% Awh.

50% Small crush, nbd.

65% Ok more of a crush, nbd ; I still need to get to know you.

80% I really want to talk to you…

95% Me, you, bed.

100% Will you be mine?


Do it..I need the distraction

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before you date a girl with a mental illness, remember: saying, “you’re beautiful” won’t balance the chemicals in her brain.

and don’t fucking say, “i’ll be here for you, no matter what,” if you don’t mean it.

don’t think you’re fixing her by saying, “i love you.” because you’re not

This needs more notes.

All of it, but mostly the bolded

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Anonymous whispered:
Wow please show your cute face

 This if from like a week ago because i am too lazy to send my selfies from my phone to my computer

thank you lovely<3

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i wonder how many people i’m in the “i’d be down if you asked” zone with

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